St. Charles County Historical Society
Old Market House
101 South Main Street
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
(636) 946-9828

Mission / Purpose Statement

The St. Charles County Historical Society (SCCHS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on preserving the history and genealogy of St. Charles County.

Our mission is to foster an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of Saint Charles County history and genealogy.

Founded in 1956 to preserve the rich history of the county, the Society later merged with the St. Charles County Genealogical Society in 2009 and the mission expanded to include the preservation of the genealogical records of the county.

Patrons and visitors to the Society can view records and hear stories of people, places, and events that have occurred in the county. A large number of the early city and county records are located at the Archives. These records include but are not limited to:

  • Wills
  • Probates
  • Circuit court records
  • Naturalization records
  • Photographs
  • Library books and records
  • Business records
  • Genealogical publications and books
  • Indices of records
    • Marriages
    • Cemeteries
    • Church records
    • Census Records
    • Obituaries

Operating Year: May 2017 - April 2018

Executive Committee
President: Robert Sandfort, Ph.D.
1st Vice President: Maureen Bouxsein
2nd Vice-President: Jack Sandridge
Corporate Secretary: Dennis Hahn
Treasurer: Larry Smith
Board Of Directors
Director (2018<--2012): Sally Stumberg
Director (2018<--2012): Thomas Stephenson
Director (2018<--2015): David Sperandio
Director (2018<--2015): Robert Sandfort, Ph.D.
Director (2018<--2017): Janet Gralen
Director (2019<--------): Vacant
Director (2019<--2013): Gregory Hilton
Director (2019<--2013): Mazie Dalton
Director (2019<--2013): Louis Launer
Director (2019<--2016): Jack Sandridge
Director (2020<--2014): Maureen Bouxsein
Director (2020<--2016): Robert Brown
Director (2020<--2017): Justin Watkins
Director (2020<--2017): Joan Koechig
Director (2020<--2017): Dennis Hahn
Archives Chair: Maureen Bouxsein
Awards Chair: Sally Stumberg
Cemeteries Chair: Mazie Dalton
Development & L-R Vision Chair: Robert Sandfort, Ph.D.
Finance Chair: Dennis Hahn
Membership & Publicity Chair: David Sperandio
Nominating Chair: Joan Koechig
Planning & Education Chair: Jack Sandridge
Properties Chair: Louis Launer
Website Chair: Gregory Hilton
Archivist: Amy Haake
Executive Secretary: Kathy Criswell
Saturday Lead Researcher: Louis Launer
St. Charles County Heritage
Editor: Robert Brown
Editor Emeritus: Robert Schultz, Ph.D.
Webmaster: Keith Stiern