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We are located in the Old Market House at 101 South Main Street in Historic Downtown St. Charles, Missouri.  We are open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. except on Holidays and on Saturdays when we have our Quarterly Luncheon meetings. Check our CALENDAR to verify the days we are open.
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The carpet and floor project was completed in time to meet the deadline of November 1, set by the City of St. Charles when they issued a $5,000 grant toward the cost of the project.  The damaged area along the north wall was found to be a bit more extensive than initially thought since the old carpet didn’t allow a good inspection of the area prior to its removal.  Old termite damage that must have occurred well before the Society moved into the building extended some twelve feet into the room and for a distance of at least eight feet along the wall.  There had apparently been a water leak there at some time in the past and termites entered.  The Society notified its termite inspection and remediation service and no current termite activity was found.  The additional work to repair the floor added about another $1,500 to the cost of the project, but it was still completed in sufficient time to achieve the November 1 deadline.  Thanks are due to all who contributed some $8,800 dollars toward the project.  The Society appreciates the support!  All the files, books, boxes and other records that had to be removed temporarily are now being restored to their proper shelf location.  To see a slide show of the project CLICK HERE.
Contributions can still be made by calling the Archives at (636) 946-9828.  Of course your contribution is tax deductible since the Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity.

Who is Lewis without Clark?  Attendees of the Oct. 27, 2018 St. Charles County Historical Society Membership Meeting and Luncheon got an interesting look into the life of William Clark. 
In her presentation, and book, The Unknown Travels and Dubious Pursuits of William Clark, JoAnn Trogdon gave us some interesting questions to ponder.  In her extensive research, including Spanish records and a long lost journal, Ms. Trogdon introduced us to Clark as a 1797 businessman with many talents.  It was an intriguing time, Spain ruled the Louisiana Territory but interests ran high among them, the French, and the Americans.  Clark knew the rivers, he knew the land and how to map it, he knew business and he knew some, perhaps, dubious people.  During these tumultuous times, many people were clamoring to become entrepreneurs, land barons and power-brokers.  Was Clark an unknowing participant in these activities?  JoAnn laid out arguments that he could have been or not.  Regardless, his knowledge of the rivers and his talent as a cartographer made Clark indispensible to the famous expedition in 1804. 
JoAnn Trogdon was born and raised in St. Charles and is an alumna of the Academy of the Sacred Heart.  In 1991, she researched and wrote the book St. Charles Borromeo 200 Years of Faith which documented the early history of St. Charles and the importance and influence of the Catholic Church in the development of our city and county.
We hope to see everyone in January at our next QUARTERLY MEETING.

The Heritage Needs Your Memories!
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Festival of Little Hills 1988
Festival of Little Hills 1988
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January 26
"The Weldon Spring Ordnance Works – Families and Institutions"
(The ALL OCCASION BANQUET CENTER is right behind the Hampton Inn at Cave Spring) Our speaker will be Dr. Daniel Brown, SCCHS Member and Past President   Dr. Brown will be telling us about "The Weldon Spring Ordnance Works ...

March 12
March 2018 Focus on Genealogy Presentation
    "Genealogy 101"   Presenter:  Patti Dickherber -- long time genealogy enthusiast and presently an SCCHS Board Member   Free and open to the public. Reservations Required. Click HERE to download flyer

March 23
2019 Trivia Night
  Join us for our Annual Trivia Night! This year we’ll have all new questions to test your knowledge! Trivia questions from many different categories...not just history! Cash prizes for the top three tables. Plus: Free Beer and Soda 50/50 ...