Undated Circuit Court Records

Group Box Folder Plaintiff Defendant Title Action CaseSummary
C 22 131 Charles F. Woodson, foreman Jail report
C 22 132 Robert Bailey, foreman Jail report
B 29 1 Christy, William, Jr. Report Apportionment of assets of James Green, administrator of estate of Robert Beatty
B 29 2 Fisher, J. B.; H. N. Davis & Company; Kingsland & Lightner; Stone, Field & Marks Douglass, Alexander T. Order of court Order to distribute $1,181.67 in proceeds of sale of property on 4 executions against Alexander T. Douglass
B 29 3 Emmons, Benjamin Memorandum List of cases appealed from Justice of the Peace Emmons
B 29 4 State of Missouri Grimes, Daniel Perjury File contains only list of witnesses to be summoned
A 52 19 Weidner, Joseph Insolvent debtor Schedule of property and creditors
A 52 20 Fisher, Nicholas Boone, [unknown]; Jamison, William William M. Campbell's attorney fees
A 52 21 Wilson, A. Zumwalt, [unknown] Habeas corpus Memo of agreement between parties
A 52 22 Duval, Bernard Thompson, William Trespass vi et armis Damages $100
A 52 23 Beauchamp, James Millington, Seth Appeal Original action debt, note for $620; defendant appealed from County Court
A 52 24 Hawkins, Jacob Forsyth, Thomas Precipe for subpoenas
A 52 25 Proceedings Copy of proceedings
A 52 26 United States Lindsey, John Assault and battery Victim was James Murdough
A 52 27 United States Spencer, Benjamin Assault and battery Victim was James Murdough
A 52 28 Wherry, Macky Spencer, Benjamin; Spencer, John Debt, bond Bail bond for $100; plaintiff to use of John McGuirk
A 52 29 Miscellaneous documents Document in French; correspondence from Macky Wherry regarding executions; precipe for scire facias
A 52 30 Fragments Two unidentified documents
A 52 31 United States Barada, Louis Counterfeiting Presentment from grand jury for passing counterfeit note; defendant also spelled "Bordeau"
A 52 32 Heath, John G. Account Account to John G. Heath, also spelled "Heth"
A 52 33 Account Unknown account
A 52 34 Administrative papers Notes on various cases
A 52 35 Miscellaneous documents Documents in French
A 52 36 Tebo, John Coroner's inquest Inquest concerning body of John Tebo; jury ruled accidental drowning
A 52 37 Hays, Absolem Recommendation for constable Absolem Hays recommended for post of constable of Femme Osage Township
A 52 38 Sublette, P.A.; Richards, Jean Ferry license P.A. Sublette and Jean Richards petitioned for license to operate a ferry across Missouri River at St. Charles
A 52 39 Bacon, Sumner Recommendation for constable Sumner Bacon was recommended for post of constable of Femme Osage Township
A 52 40 Green, James, Administrator Auditor's report Report on estate of Robert Beatty
A 52 41 Order to subpoena witnesses
A 52 42 Verdict Two verdicts from unknown cases
A 52 43 Parmer, Anthony C. Protest Sheriff Anthony C. Parmer protested insufficiency of jail
A 52 44 Wells, Samuel et al. Petition against Congressional restrictions Grand Jury petition against U.S. Congress attempts to restrict state constitution; issue of slavery implied, but not stated
A 52 45 Verdict Miscellaneous jury verdict for plaintiff for $28.75; Benjamin Burbank, foreman
A 52 46 Administrative papers Fees, jury verdict
A 52 47 Wallace, Joseph; Harvey, John Fee bill Fee bills for Joseph Wallace and John Harvey; 1805 and 1806; also spelled "Wallis"
A 52 48 Wallace, Joseph; Duquette; Wherry, Macky Fee bill Fee bills for Joseph Wallace, Duquette, Macky Wherry; 1806 and 1807
A 52 49 Fee bill Undated attorney general's fees; undated fees for R. Spencer
A 52 50 Fee bill Unidentified fee bill
A 52 51 Fee bill 2 sheriff's fee bills
A 52 52 Miscellaneous documents Undated notification from Keeney regarding a motion; scrap of paper with illegible writing and "2.25"
A 52 53 Gaty, George Bounty payment $2 to Gaty for killing a wildcat; no year
A 52 54 Miscellaneous documents Includes fees, 2 notes with one in French
A 52 55 Latraille, [unknown] Duquette, [unknown] Bill of exceptions Contains only bill of exceptions; no action given
A 52 56 Penrose, C.P.; Gunn, Colvin; Wells, W.S. Fees 3 fee accounts
A 52 57 Administrative papers Includes unknown paper from Bailey v. Satchell, summons from State v. Hiram H. Baber, deposition of Erastus Brown concerning note of George W. Atchison
A 52 58 Sinclair, Alexander; Cadwallader, Isaac Note Assignment of note from Alexander Sinclair to Isaac Cadwallader
A 52 59 Fees Filing fees
A 52 60 Affidavit Undated, unnamed appeal affidavit
A 52 61 Miscellaneous paper Includes motions, fees, unidentified memoranda
A 52 62 Administrative papers Undated caption of an indictment from Montgomery County; scrap of paper with handwritten note, May 1833
A 52 63 Precipe 9 precipes with multiple case file entries; executions, subpoenas, writs of capias, fieri facias, attachment; some actions noted
A 52 64 Verdict Undated jury verdict for unnamed case
A 52 65 Copes, Thomas P. Downing, William Appeal File contains precipe for summons of Ezekiel Downing only