If you are a Boone aficionado, or just casually interested in his life and times, you were treated to an excellent presentation at the SCCHS Quarterly Membership Meeting on Saturday, April 28 at the All Occasion Banquet Center.  Ken Kamper, well known expert on Daniel Boone and the history of the Boone family, shared some of the results of his research into this fascinating topic with some 90 members and friends of the Society.
The Society elected several new Board of Directors members as we do every year at the April meeting.  Please join in welcoming to the Board, Mary Brown, Patti Dickherber, Gail Rea, Keith Stiern and Carolyn Strong who will join Bob Sandfort as a continuing Board member, and Tim Corcoran who is returning after a year off the Board.  Keith and Carolyn were elected to complete the remaining year in the unexpired terms of Mazie Dalton and Tabetha Pund.  Also join in thanking departing Board members, Mazie Dalton, Tabetha Pund, Janet Gralen, Dave Sperandio, Tom Stephenson and Sally Stumberg for their years of service.  Hopefully, these departing Board members will stay involved with the Society, and continue their service in other volunteer capacities.
The society also recognized its volunteers with a certificate and a small gift for their dedicated service during the last year.