If you are a Boone aficionado, or just casually interested in his life and times, you were treated to an excellent presentation at the SCCHS Quarterly Membership Meeting on Saturday, April 28.  Ken Kamper, well known expert on Daniel Boone and the history of the Boone family, shared some of the results of his research into this fascinating topic with some 90 members and friends of the Society.  One of the highlights of his talk was the detailed map of the Boone’s Lick Trail that he has meticulously traced from east of the Mississippi River, north to where Boone crossed the river near West Alton, through St. Charles, into the Femme Osage region and on to the Salt Lick at Franklin, Missouri.  This map is the result of years of detailed study and research into Boone and his family.  The stories Ken told of Boone and his family were highly interesting.  Our collective thanks go out to Ken Kamper for spending this time with us.