Cemetery Records Research

SCCHS Members now have access to Saint Charles County Cemetery records in the MEMBERS ONLY section on our website.

These records were electronically compiled by SCCHS Member Justin Watkins, and are drawn from multiple resources. There are currently almost 50,000 individual records available from over 350 cemeteries in Saint Charles County. Some of his research was transcribed from original copies or microfilm, and is not available electronically elsewhere. These electronic records include research previously done by many other SCCHS researchers (e.g., Lucile Wiechens). Sources include data from libraries, court records, death records of Saint Charles City and County, death certificates, obituaries from St Charles and Missouri newspapers, other newspaper articles, cemetery deeds, records of Steinbrinker and Baue funeral homes, information from Bob Brail's TNT story website and from A Pictorial Genealogy  on the heritage freeze website.  Some of his sources include documentation done by the (past) Saint Charles Genealogical Society, including ‘Genealogical Gleanings’ and obituaries from the German Der St. Charles Demokrat 1852-1916.

For each cemetery listed on the website, members of the cemetery committee are working to add historical information about the cemetery, directions to and accessibility of the cemetery, photos, and dates visited by previous and current researchers at the society.

This is a work in progress.  Links to websites with more information about the cemeteries are also being added.  Many individual burial entries contain links to death certificates, obituaries and news articles. Photographs are also being added.

If you visit the Cemetery Records page in the MEMBERS ONLY section, and have any questions, corrections or suggestions, please contact us by CLICKING HERE and using "Cemetery" as the subject.